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Experienced, qualified TEFL Experts who love TEFL

A team of TEFL trainers who love giving new teachers the best possible start in TEFL.  Working with trainers who care about making sure you perpared to teach, anywhere in the world.

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You’re walking in the shoes of 13,000 graduates who came before you….

Star TEFL launched in 2009, initially offering online courses for TEFL applicants. The course was an instant hit causing us to go back and redesign the platform, add more features, making it better and better. And it’s been like that for 7 years. We’ve taken the feedback from our graduates and used it as the foundation for continuously improving our TEFL course, making it the best version of the course it can be.

Jenny, Manchester Uk

“I took the Star TEFL course because my friend recommended it to me. I was really happy with the help I  got when I got a bit stuck on the grammar and really have when I finished with a B grade “

A Chinese connection that allows us to offer you something different

We feel we have the best online TEFL course on the market today. But there is one problem with all online courses, they can’t offer Teaching Practice, a fundamental part of the learning process. It motivated us to create a different type of course that offered as much practice teaching as possible. With strong ties to China, the most popular TEFL destination. it just made so much sense for us run a TEFL internship in China with hundreds of hours teaching.

JT and Nicola

We were unsure about teaching because we’d never tried it before. JT was nervous about the training and I was terrified about standing in front of studentsbut it worked out perfectly.”

Our mission: To make a difference

TEFL has given our team the opportunity to travel the world teaching English. Meet new people and see some amazing things.  At some point, we all decided we want to start giving back to the community. We’d like to help you have some of the experiences we’ve been fortunate to have.  So we’ve made it our mission to do exactly that.  We want to give you the best possible start to TEFL with our flexible and affordable Online course and China Programme.