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Online TEFL Course

The great thing about Online TEFL courses is the flexibility they offer. You get to set your own schedule and work through the course at your own pace. Star-TEFL’s Online TEFL certification is valid in most countries around the world, especially Asia. You will be able to get a job as a new graduate, with not difficulty.

Some schools would prefer to employ teachers who have a CELTA or classroom based course TEFL certificate, but they cost over $1500 and not everyone can afford to get TEFL certified with a CELTA. If you’re working to a tighter budget then an online TEFL course is a better fit and with over 15,000 graduates who have.

Classroom based TEFL Courses

Pick from 15 different course locations around the world. All our classroom-based TEFL courses are fully accredited and come with hundreds of graduate reviews. You’ll get a minimum of 120 hours classroom teaching, with experienced tutors and a minimum of 10 hours assessed teaching practices.

We have the biggest network of TEFL Training school across the world. Everything from Beijing to Barcelona. This is a great opportunity to experience living abroad whilst you get TEFL certified and prepared to teach.

Weekend TEFL Courses

We offer weekend TEFL courses in London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester, with more locations coming soon. They’re a great way to get your first real experience of teaching English Abroad. One of our experienced TEFL trainers will walk you through the basics of TEFL teaching, culminating in 2 assessed teaching sessions.

The weekends are such good fun and when combined with our online training certification, represent one of the best, and affordable routes into TEFL, combining knowledge and an element of practical experience.