What Are The Best TEFL Courses?

The best TEFL course you can do is CELTA. Hands down.

Not because it’s actually any better than a really good TEFL course, for example, but because it has the best reputation and at the end of the day, if two teachers were both going for the same job and one was a CELTA graduate, all other things being equal, they’d get the job.

But it’s not that straightforward.

Can you afford a CELTA course? Do you have 4-weeks to go become a TEFL teacher? If the answer is yes to both of those and you know that TEFL is right for you…. Keep reading.

CELTA and Trinity (which is a similar course) are the best TEFL course because of reputation. But that’s because they are classroom-based courses.

You get a much more complete TEFL experience from a classroom-based TEFL course. That’s because you get constant contact with a TEFL trainer, you get to share the experience and learn from other wannabe TEFL teachers and most importantly, you get teaching practice.

But there are other TEFL courses out there that are almost identical, the only difference being you don’t get the CELTA stamp when you graduate.

You’ll lose a smidgen in terms of employability, but there’s essentially very little difference. It all comes down to the quality of the trainer.

TEFL Vs Tesol

I’ve head nightmare stories and lazy trainers on CELTA courses and typical TEFL courses alike. Just as I have heard about great experiences for both. The best TEFL course is one that has a great trainer, who gives a damn.

But classroom-based courses are better than online, for the reasons I have just mentioned. We offer all types of courses, we have no preference, we just tell it as it is.

However, not everyone has $1000+ to spend on a course or indeed wants to. This is why online TEFL courses are by far the most popular.

A lot of TEFL wannabes want to go somewhere like China or Thailand for a 6-9 month adventure, live and experience the culture and come back to the real world. They want to do it as cheaply as possible.

In that case, an online TEFL course is just fine. It meets visa requirements in most countries and you’ll get a job in most countries too.

That’s the unvarnished truth.

There are some great hybrid courses that help people find a happy middle ground. Courses that have an online component and some direct contact with trainers, and teaching practice.

They’re also midrange in price too.

For example, we have a virtual TEFL course that delivers classroom styled TEFL training but because it’s delivered online, we don’t have expensive classroom space so it costs less, a saving we pass on to students.

So, the answer is CELTA is the best TEFL course you could do, assuming you can afford it. That’s unquestionable and anyone telling you anything else is trying to sell you something different.

However, not everyone wants to do a CELTA, they can’t afford it or don’t want to invest that much into TEFL. In that case, consider other classroom-based TEFL courses or even online courses. They all meet visa requirements, in most countries in the world.

It really depends on your personal circumstances and what you plan to get out of TEFL. We have a wide selection of different courses and if you’re still not sure, have a chat with one of our team who would recommend a course based on your personal circumstances.

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