Why Weekend Courses Are Great

When it comes to learning more about whether or not TEFL is a viable career choice for you, there’s always the weekend course.

Internationally recognized TEFL or TESOL certification is one of the biggest concerns for beginners, weekend courses are accredited as they would not be recognized and provided by every TEFL Training Company in the United Kingdom.

Considered by some as taster courses, the weekend course that we offer is convenient as we’ve picked out some great locations that aim to reduce the distance that anyone should need to travel in order to get an idea of whether TEFL is for them.

At the time of writing, we currently offer London TEFL Classes, TEFL in Bristol, TEFL Birmingham, and other locations.

Since weekend courses are inexpensive compared to other courses, it’s often the case that students want to enroll in an online accredited TEFL certification course as this also represents a good option for those on a budget.

However, figuring out which course you want to do is often the best place to start after a weekend course. In such cases, we’ve provided resources such as our ‘Which Course?‘ page. Our FAQ Page is also particularly useful.

Regardless of what you decide to do next we almost always recommend doing a weekend course. And we get that people are shy, but this is also why it’s great. Getting in a group environment will only help start improving your skills in public settings which is vital if you later want to go on and teach in a foreign country.

In our TEFL Explained page we explain the kind of advantage you have for simply being a native English speaker. But we take teaching seriously, and the mock lessons you get to experience on a weekend course are going to be more valuable than any online course can offer alone.

On our how to get tefl certified page, we explain the important differences between the various ways you can study and how easy it can be to get certified. So the bottom-line is that you don’t need to do a weekend course, but in reality, they are great if you want to be the best teacher possible.

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