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At STAR-TEFL we wanted to be able to offer our clients something different from the other TEFL providers, something unique. That is why we have created one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly online courses.

STAR-TEFL is an all singing, all dancing, online TEFL course that gives the participant the knowledge and certificate that enables them to successfully find a job teaching English pretty much anywhere in the world. It’s accredited by the UK governing body and has graduated over 14,000 TEFL teachings.

We have carefully crafted 140 hours of user-friendly material, 20 more hours than the official requirement to really give you an edge in the TEFL market and leave you feeling confident and ready to teach. We know what knowledge you need as well as what knowledge language schools will expect you to have and that is why we have focused on designing a course that is relevant and at the same time gives away top tips from our experienced TEFL teachers!

Star-Tefl tutors can call on a minimum of 8 years experience to support and guide students. We know how overwhelming the new terminology can be when you first start the course so we have cut out as much jargon and unnecessary information real-life and presented the course using many everyday terms and real-life examples.

Included In Our TEFL Certified Online Course Is:

  • 140 hours of user-friendly course material
  • take advantage of our experienced tutors
  • email, chat and phone support available
  • electronic TEFL certification and letter of recommendation
  • tutor feedback on tests and projects
  • general knowledge of methodology and grammar making you a confident TEFL teacher
  • ideas and teaching tips from trainers who remember how it feels to be a new teacher
  • an introduction into your own teaching styles and student learning style
  • information that is not only theoretical but practical
  • a guide to the best resources and materials!

If you have any questions about your online TEFL course and how it’s going to fit into your TEFL journey we’ll be happy to help. Online TEFL certification is one of many routes to becoming a TEFL teacher, if your not sure it’s the best fit for you, have a chat with one of our advisors who will be happy steer you in the right direction for you.

All Online Courses:

30 Hour Online Grammar Course

Highly recommended for beginners and useful for anyone needing a refresher, the 30-hour grammar courses allows you to become comfortable with the most intimidating aspect of teaching TEFL… the grammar making you much more knowledgeable and, more importantly, giving you more confidence in the classroom.

We have looked at every aspect of grammar from a completely practical point of view and have developed a course that shows you exactly what to teach, how to teach it, and at what stage of the students learning the grammar should be introduced.

Once having completed the weekend course you are given 1 year to complete the whole course and once you’ve finished you are able to refer back to each grammar module as a reminder or useful tool throughout your TEFL career.

The grammar courses have been designed by experts for absolute beginners and are delivered in a user-friendly format. All the modules are delivered focusing on how the grammar can be used in the classroom giving you a very realistic, practical understanding of how to teach grammar.

Examples Modules:

Module 3
3.1 What is a verb?
3.2 How to conjugate a verb
3.3 Like or Likes explained
3.4 Why is English grammar easy!
3.5 ‘to be or not to be’
3.6 My sentence needs help
3.7 Common problems for students
3.8 Revision and quiz
Module 11
11.1 Meeting the enemy
11.2 How to tell a perfect
11.3 Present perfect and when we use it
11.4 Present perfect Vs Past simple
11.5 How to present it
11.6 Tips of new teachers
11.7 Common problems for students
11.8 Revision and quiz

30 Hour Online Methodology Course

This course looks to give you a deeper understanding of the key components of teaching It is especially useful for beginners wanting a more complete understanding of teaching before entering the classroom or even teachers with some experience but looking their knowledge further.

The courses discuss topics such as learning styles, lesson planning and teaching methodology but from a practical perspective and how you can introduce or use the knowledge in the classroom. It gives clear ideas regarding discipline in the classroom, managing shy students and even cultural differences depending on the area of the world you find yourself teaching in.

You are given 1 year to complete the whole course and once completed you are able to refer back to each grammar module as a useful tool throughout your TEFL career.

The course will give you a more complete insight into teaching and help you be more confident and better prepared. A personal tutor will also be available to help guide you through any sticky points.

Examples Modules:

Module 15 Learning Styles
15.1 Quick quiz – How do you learn best?
15.2 Learning styles explained
15.3 How learning styles affect TEFL teaching
15.4 Assessing learning styles
15.5 How to plan for learning styles
15.6 Revision
15.7 Module quiz
Module 9 Lesson planning
7.1 The basics
7.2 Who lesson plans?
7.3 Rewards of a planned lesson
7.4 Preparing to fail
7.5 Tips on how to prepare a great lesson
7.6 Revision
7.7 Module quiz

50 Hour Combined Course

Many students choose the 50 hours combined package. It encompasses many practical elements of TEFL, can be completed over a shorter period of time and leaves you feeling eager to give it a go!

It gives you the 20-hour weekend course offering all its practicality and key ‘know how’ with the 30-hour online grammar course.

For those itching to get started it gives you all the tools you need to dive in and start your blossoming TEFL career.

80 Hour Combined Course

For those students who seek the extra confidence gained from studying TEFL in a little more depth then the 80 hours combined package is going to be of greatest benefit.

On top of the 50 hours combined package, you get the additional support of the 30-hour online Methodology course. This course also gives you your personal tutor to help guide you and support you right in to the classroom.

So now you have all the tools together with the knowledge you are now ready to walk into a classroom anywhere in the world and teach English. Good Luck!