TEFL Courses Bristol

The Bristol TEFL course location is definitely one of our favourite places to run TEFL courses. We currently offer a selection of courses geographically spread out across the city to enable easy access. Each course will be run either at a well known national chain of hotels, taking advantage of their excellent conference room facilities, or at specialized training rooms designed specifically to cater for our needs.

Each location will be in easy access to bus, train and underground stations as well as having a selection of shops, cafés and bars to take advantage of in the local vicinity.

Weekend Courses

The most interesting course available is the weekend TEFL course. By offering Bristol TEFL courses we give you a local and affordable way to be introduced to all the fundamentals of Teaching English as a Foreign Language with a fun packed, intensive and interactive 20 hour TEFL Weekend course designed for beginners. Our courses give you the opportunity to come to grips with every aspect of TEFL training as well as learning tips and tricks of the trade to help you jump over problems we went stumbling into. We think to Teach English Abroad it’s best to learn by doing, that’s why we have also added 2 practice lessons for each student.

TEFL & CELTA Courses

We have some of the best Bristol TEFL courses for price and quality, but mostly because we have recruited some of the best TEFL trainers. All out trainers have a minimum of 10 years TEFL experience and have been trainers others for 4 years or more.

Our Bristol TEFL courses are often, combined with our accredited online TEFL course. Together they are one of the best ways to start your TEFL career without having to invest £1000 in a TEFL course. You get the background and theory necessary, the introduction to teaching methods and how to teach grammar, combined with some practical experience and time with one of our experienced TEFL trainers, who have a minimum of 10 years TEFL experience. Plus you get to meet like minded people, which most people find so beneficial.