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We love running TEFL courses in Leeds, it’s a great city and one of the most energetic and fun weekend TEFL courses we currently offer.

We generally like to run our courses at well recognized, city centre hotels, in conference or training rooms. Sometimes we have locations in training rooms at the YMCA because it’s great to be surrounded by foreign national students.

Whichever location we pick, we ensure they have good transport access, with bus stops, trains stations and undergrounds nearby, as well as having shops and cafes close at hand for lunch and breaks in the course.

Weekend Courses

If you just want to dip your toe into TEFL or you want to see if TEFL is a good fit for you (or if you can teach) then the best course TEFL course for you has to be a local weekend TEFL course.

Why would you spend over £1000, and normally more than £1500 if you are not sure you and TEFL are going to work out? It’s certainly better than going off to China or Thailand only to find that you hate it or just can’t do it!

The Weekend course is pretty intensive, but it’s really fun too. Most people finish the course buzzing. We walk you through Teaching English Abroad, from simple lesson planning to how you manage the classroom. We use you as the student to show how we set up and run different types of exercises, and it culminates in an assessed lesson, that each member will run.

Exciting, a little nerve-wracking, fun and extremely informative.

At the same time, you get to spend 2 days with an experienced TEFL teacher, who can talk about different countries, teaching different types of English to different nationalities etc. They are there to talk you through your TEFL journey and what you should expect and plan for.

And don’t underestimate the value of meeting of people interested in TEFL teaching, sharing ideas, plans and concerns.

For a lot of new TEFL teachers, they end of combining the weekend TEFL course in Leeds, with an online TEFL course to get the solid theoretical background with some teacher engagement and practice. It’s a lot cheaper than a classroom-based course and more flexible.

TEFL & CELTA Courses

If you know that TEFL is right for you and you have decided on a classroom TEFL course, like a CELTA course for example, then we have some of the best courses in and around Leeds.

We love TEFL, it’s part of everything we do. It’s the reason why all our TEFL trainers have well over 10 years experience teaching English abroad, normally in a few different countries. We expect our trainers to have 4 years experience as trainers too.

It’s no different Leeds, or if we work with other schools are recommend them. We have the same high standards.