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We really enjoy delivering TEFL courses in Liverpool, it’s an awesome place and one of the liveliest and most humorous weekend TEFL courses we like to run on a regular basis.

Whenever possible, we hold the weekend TEFL courses at established, city centre hotels, in conference or training rooms. Sometimes in training rooms but if it’s ever an option our favourite place is in YMCA training rooms because the locations tend to be full of other nationalities, the ideal place to talk about teaching abroad.

When we pick a location for a specific weekend TEFL course, we spend a lot of time thinking about the practicalities. Transport links are important, so too are having local amenities nearby for lunch breaks.

Weekend Courses

A lot of new TEFL teachers start their TEFL journey with a weekend TEFL course and here’s why.

Going off around the world to teach English abroad, is daunting. Are you going to good at teaching? Are you going to enjoy it? If you’ve never really taught before, it’s hard to know. So people come to a weekend TEFL course to find out.

We cover teaching styles, learning styles and lesson planning. We show you examples of different exercises, both 1 to 1 and group. We talk you through teaching kids and teaching adults.

Most importantly, we should how to plan and put together lessons and control a classroom, which is not as easy as you might think when the students have limited English! Each day finishes with assessed teaching sessions for each student, and the session on Sunday is part of your final grade.

It’s fully interactive, you get to play the role of the student a lot so you can feel how it works from there perspectives.

We try to make it as fun and as fast-paced. It can be a little stressful when you have to run your own little lesson, but then if you’re going to start teaching English, you have to start somewhere. Most of all we have a laugh and it’s great to meet like minded people who are keen to travel and experience different cultures.

One of the major benefits is being able to spend 2 days with a TEFL teacher. You get to ask all the questions you might have about teaching, traveling, different cultures etc.

TEFL & CELTA Courses

Weekend TEFL courses are awesome, many of our graduates combine them with online TEFL courses, do get the depth of theory with some practical and direct teacher interaction. However, if you have the budget for it, you might want to consider a 4-week TEFL course.

We have CELTA and TEFL courses in Liverpool that are perfect for what you need if you want to do something local. If not, we can recommend other course providers who like us, have the highest standards in terms of trainer recruitment and course syllabus.