Unit 3 – Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is the most important tool a TEFL teacher has! Every teacher pretty much goes through the same process even if they don’t realise it.

  • Some teachers like to write out a formal lesson plan for each lesson. All very structured and organised. If you store each lesson plan in a filing system, possibly on the computer, you are building your own resource bank to refer to in the future rather than having to reinvent the same lesson every time. It saves time!
  • Others decide to use course books (or their school does), but guess what – course books are written by experienced teachers using pretty much the same methodology for lesson planning as all teachers use. So, even though the teachers may not be conscious of it, they are planning a lesson when they decide which part of the book they are going to use.
  • Even experienced teachers actually believe they don’t plan a lesson but in fact they do. They simply go through the mental process of putting a lesson together, using the same format as the first two. The only difference is that it’s not written down anywhere, it’s done in their head. This is not recommended for teachers unless you are experienced and even then it is good to come up with fresh ideas to keep it interesting.

The planning process is critical to every teacher because it makes sure that your lesson is effective and fun. It also makes you look professional and organised in front of the students. Most importantly, it gives you the confidence to go into the classroom and teach.