One-to-One Tips

One-to-one lessons are fun.

We are social creatures, and often our one-to-one lessons are with adults or older teenagers. You will really get to know your students. You will get to understand them, their beliefs, their culture, maybe how they perceive the world. Many of us decided to teach TEFL because we want to go around the world, see new places and meet new people, people who are different from us, so we can learn about them and how they see the world. With one-to-one lessons we can do that and get paid for it. You teach within a structure, but when it is time for skills practice you will find that your more developed relationship allows the student to open up and give their opinions on various topics. It’s interesting.

Seating arrangements

When arranging the classroom with only 1 student it is important to make it more intimate. You still need to be able to access the whiteboard, but as there is only one student the table can be closer to the board than normal. As the teacher you will have to play the role of a student for some exercises. Normally we stand at the front of the classroom or sit at our own desk but to help with the dynamics and to aid communication we should sit closer to the student. Sitting opposite is great for communication but if you are able to sit to the side of the student then you are able to both facilitate communication well and also to pay attention to what the student is writing during exercises such as gap fills / matching etc.