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STAR TEFL provides a complete range of face to face and online courses to match your needs and budget.
Each course focuses on a different aspect of TEFL teaching and brings invaluable information to help you venture into the world of TEFL.
Each course can be bought separately or as part of a package, leaving you in total control of the speed and cost of your learning.

Intensive 20-hour Weekend courses

Especially recommended for those coming to TEFL with no teaching experience the intensive 20-hour Weekend courses which are the most popular of all courses. It gives you the opportunity to get a grip on every aspect of TEFL teaching from classroom management or methodology, to correcting and discipline, most importantly it gives you the opportunity to learn tricks and tips to make your life easier and to help you become a better teacher faster. Each weekend includes theory, of practical examples and 2 practice lessons for each student.

Each course is delivered in a well-known city center hotel offering lunch, tea, and coffee throughout the day, in a comfortable atmosphere.

We teach by doing, so be prepared to be involved, work hard but most importantly have fun.

30-hour Online Grammar Course

Highly recommended for beginners and useful for anyone needing a refresher, the 30-hour online grammar courses allow you to become comfortable with the most intimidating aspect of teaching TEFL… the grammar!

Once having completed the weekend course you are given 1 year to complete the whole course and once completed you are able to refer back to each grammar module as a useful tool throughout your TEFL career.

It’s been designed by experts for absolute beginners and is delivered in a user-friendly format. All the modules are delivered focusing on how the grammar can be used in the classroom giving you a very realistic, practical understanding of how to teach grammar.

30 hour Online Methodology Course

This course looks to give you a deeper understanding of the key components of teaching. The course discusses topics such as learning styles, lesson planning and teaching methodology but from a practical perspective and how you can introduce or use the knowledge in the classroom.

You are given 1 year to complete the whole course and once completed you are able to refer back to each grammar module as a useful tool throughout your TEFL career.

The course will give you a more complete insight into teaching and help you be more confident and better prepared. A personal tutor will also be available to help guide you through any sticky points.

Combined Packages

Depending on your experience, confidence, budget or even time we have a package that suits your needs.

Many students choose the 50 hours combined package. It gives you the 20-hour weekend course offering all its practicality and key ‘know-how’ with the 30-hour On-line grammar course. For those itching to get started, it gives you all the tools you need to dive in and start your blossoming TEFL career.

For those students who seek the extra confidence gained from studying TEFL in a little more depth then the 80 hour combined package is going to be of greatest benefit. On top of the 50 hours combined package, you get the additional support of the 30-hour Online Methodology course. This course also gives you your personal tutor to help guide you and support you right into the classroom.

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